Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here we go! Let's have some sex!!

Do not act this quickly, please! Let's go back at the beginning, what'cha say? Cool!

Having sex is something so easy to do, isn't it? Yes, until the moment when you "get there for the first time".

Did you know that most people's first time is an absolute fail?

But, of course, most of these people lie in front of the others. That's because they are ashamed of saying the truth. But why? Why they are ashamed? Should they be? And why the first time is so frustrating?

Everything is in your brain - it is simple psychology. In most of the public schools in almost every country around the globe, there is NO sexual education class. The "bees and flowers" talk is embarrassing and that's why parents are just avoiding it. And when the two most important "institutions" are not trying to educate the kids in sexual life and relationships, then who is going to do this? Nobody. Or at least nobody suitable for this.

Both, school and parents, are trying to "protect" the children from the whole "dirthy, filthy" thing called sex, but when the kids grow up a little, the sex COMES to them, because that's the most profitable thing in the world for the moment (except war) - SEX SELLS and it is EVERYWHERE around us. It is surrounding us, no matter if we want it or not. That's a fact.
Various of famous sex magazines can be bought from the supermarkets, and there comes the time (for sure), when a mommy or a daddy goes shopping with the kid(s) and when the little curious people look at a Playboy, for example, the inevitable question "Wooah! Mommy/Daddy why is this girl naked?!" comes up. And then? Nothing. No answer from the parents, because they don't know what to do. They don't know what to say. Why? Because nobody has spoken with them on this topic when they were young!!And so, children's first impression of sex shows up when you are NOT prepared and the information will NOT come from you, that's for sure! The alternative (of the magazines) is so called pornography. This is the overweight category. And it is unavoidable. Again.

You will ask me "Why the hell are you talking about this?!". I will answer - because it is IMPORTANT to be well informed! When nobody tells you how to do it, then how the hell are you going to do it right? Let's step forward to the very desirable "first time" (disappointment).

When the school and parents are silent, the very curious young people get information from internet, magazines and ... porn. But these sources are not the best.

Internet - everyone can write whatever he wants (like I'm doing right now). When you are an adult, you will be smart enough to make a research, or to have your own opinion and to agree or disagree with somebody. But young people are not smart enough to do it. They are not experienced enough to do it. That's why they go to the very first site they find and they get every word literally and obey it.
Magazines - these pieces of paper are made with one goal only - P R O F I T. They will never serve else, but their own goals. We, adults, are using them for entertainment, but youngs do not.
Porn - the worst source of any others. This is the reason of young men disappointments and frustrations. When you watch porn you see a muscular guy with a perfect body, big c*ck and he's fucking like a crazy horse for 40 minutes, which most men can't achieve without additional stuffs. And what are you going to think when you've been watching movies like that and when it gets to action - you do your "job" for a minute or less? How would you feel? Like shit? Yup, I know. I've been there too. Like many more. (who are not going to say the truth)

Girls are more like to get information about sex. But negative information. Nothing positive. A girl will never hear "It is great! Especially when you get to the O..." from their moms. Not to mention about their dads... All a regular girl will hear from her mother is "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT!!!! IT HURTS AS HELL, AND YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR BLOOD, BECAUSE OF THE DEFLORATION" . And that's why girls are scared as hell.

And that's why people should know more about sex, before doing it.
First - sex is not only a pleasure. Sex is also an obligation. Sex is about self control. Sex is about trust. Sex is about emotions. Sex is about... a lot of stuff that I'm going to share with you next time :)

I hope that my first post wasn't that boring and you will agree with me.
Have a nice day and keep your stuff in your pants for a little more :D

You can always get the "Sex for dummies", L O L!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello (naughty) world!

Hello, people!

I'm in a hurry to ensure you that this ain't "Just another WordPress/Blogger" blog. Of course "insurance is not free" you'll say, so maybe I should think about saying and something else - don't worry this is not an insurance blog :D

So let me tell you a little more about this blog. The blog is called Free Sex Help, because with that intention it was made - the intention to help people around the globe to improve their sexual life and relationships.

Most of the people can not admit that they have problems into their sheets, but we must act like adults after all, so there comes the unavoidable moment in which we must make that painful confession "I have a problem - I can NOT sexually satisfy my soulmate".

And this is where Free Sex Help comes in serve! Here you'll find some articles, advices and stuffs which are going to help you to improve your sexual life.
It doesn't matter if you are a single teen or a 50 year old married guy/gal - reading something useful will never harm you.

So that's it! Free Sex Help is starting in a week! Don't miss it!

Please, be AWARE that THIS blog CAN HELP YOU in your journey of becoming a SEX MACHINE.
You read, You do the stuff, You get the benefits!

Good luck and have fun (always wearing a protection!)